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Besides, she had lost all the old interests of her carefree girlish life that had been so full of hope.
Is ole Miss Cooper's Nancy done give you de mitten?" Roxy followed this sally with another discharge of carefree laughter.
He had long since ceased to be the jovial, carefree companion who had shared with her her every girlish joy and sorrow and in whom she had confided both the trivial and momentous secrets of her childhood.
Even the cares of prospective motherhood had not entirely quenched the fires of carefree youth, and Teeka had remained a good-natured playmate even at an age when other shes of the tribe of Kerchak had assumed the sullen dignity of maturity.
Romance, adventure, strange peoples, fearsome beasts--all the excitement and scurry of the lives of the twentieth century ancients that have been denied us in these dull days of peace and prosaic prosperity--all, all lay beyond thirty, the invisible barrier between the stupid, commercial present and the carefree, barbarous past.
It is a happy characteristic of the Negro race, which they hold in common with little children, that their spirits seldom remain depressed for a considerable length of time after the immediate cause of depression is removed, and so it was that in half an hour Usanga's band was again beginning to take on to some extent its former appearance of carefree lightheartedness.
Carefree has launched Carefree Acti-Fresh Panty Liners with Twist Resist technology that helps to minimize bunching and twisting.
To meet the needs of active Millennial mothers, Edgewell will be introducing new and improved Carefree Acti-Fresh Liners in 2019, with a new Twist Resist quilted design that minimizes bunching and twisting and a new honeycomb top sheet with an interconnected core structure.
Annapolis, MD, January 10, 2019 --( Carefree Boat Dealership of Fairwinds Marina and Freedom Boat Club of Maryland & DC is proud to announce the newest addition, Sales Director Art Jeffries, to their team.
The mum said her little girl's plight has been "torturous" and added: "My hope is, once the case is over, she can start to rebuild her life and become the happy and carefree person I know she can be."
Summary: He left the bank in a carefree, nonchalant manner.
'What a pleasure to see the children of Mohmand carefree and full of joy as they take part in #Plant4Pakistan.

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